Semiconductor Physics (B.Sc.)

Assignment (Dated: 16/04/2020): Problem Sheet

Condensed Matter Physics (M.Sc.)

Assignment (Dated: 04/04/2020): Problem Sheet

For 1st BSc Physics students

Assignment (Dated: 06/10/2018): Significant figures and Error analysis

For 4th Sem B.Sc. Maths

Assignment (Dated: 02/01/2018): Problem sheet on interference


For 1st B.Sc (Chemistry & Maths)

Magnetic materials (Lecture Note)

Second Assignment (Dated: 20/03/2017): Thermodynamics

First Assignment (Dated:07/10/2016 ): Rotational dynamics


For Ist Semester MSc Electonics (Lecture Notes):

Integrated circuits

Triangular wave generator


III Semester MSc Crystal growth techniques (Lecture Notes):

Vapour growth

Hydrothermal growth

Epitaxial growth

Growth from Melt


IV Semester MSc Nanostructures and Characterization

Lecture notes