V K Shinoj, Xun Jie Jeesmond Hong, VM Murukeshan, M Baskaran, Aung Tin
Medical Engineering and Physics 0 0 0 (2016) 1–9
Publication year: 2016

The visualization capabilities of various ocular imaging instruments can generally be categorized into photographic (e.g. gonioscopy, Pentacam, RetCam) and optical tomographic (e.g. optical coherence to- mography (OCT), photoacoustic (PA) imaging, ultrasound biomicriscopy (UBM)) methods. These imaging instruments allow vision researchers and clinicians to visualize the iridocorneal angle, and are essential in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. Each of these imaging modalities has particular ben- efits and associated drawbacks in obtaining repeatable and reliable measurement in the evaluation of the angle. This review article in this context summarized recent progresses in anterior chamber imaging techniques in glaucoma diagnosis and follow-up procedures.

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