Saraswathi P., V. K. Shinoj, V. M. Murukeshan, and P. Padmanabhan
Journal of Biomedical Optics, Volume 15, Issue 1, 017005 (1-6), 2010.
Publication year: 2010

A simple optical method using hollow-core photonic crystal fiber for protein detection has been described. In this study, estrogen receptor (ER) from a MCF-7 breast carcinoma cell lysates immobilized inside a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber was detected using anti-ER primary antibody with either AlexaTM Fluor 488 (green fluorescent dye) or 555 (red Fluorescent dye) labeled Goat anti-rabbit IgG as the secondary antibody. The fluorescence fingerprints of the ERα protein were observed under fluorescence microscope, and its optical characteristics were analyzed. The ERα protein detection by this proposed method is based on immuno binding from sample volume as low as 50 nL. This method is expected to offer great potential as a biosensor for medical diagnostics and therapeutics applications.