V.K. Shinoj and V.M. Murukeshan
Optics & Photonics Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2, 85-90 (2011).
Publication year: 2011

This paper illustrates an efficient fluorescence detection of micro particles using hollow-core photonic crystal fibers (HC-PCFs) by applying the refractive index (RI) scaling law. The variations in the central wavelength for different filling material indices are illustrated for most commonly available HC-PCFs that have cladding made of pure fused silica with array of air holes running along the entire length of the fiber. The proposed concept is verified by immobilizing fluorescent microsphere samples inside two HC-PCFs of different central wavelengths and the quantification of fluorescence inside the fibers is performed through spectroscopic analysis. The sensitivity has been compared for similar fiber with different dispersed media and different fibers with same dispersed medium.